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Outdoor Learning

Nature is the best way to nurture pupils with or without special educational needs. Outdoor learning is a different and complementary experience to what happens in the classroom. The confines of an indoor classroom can often feel formal and pressurized. Children don’t have the space they need to let off steam or to relax into the task in hand.

The outdoors offers children a sense of space and freedom. It offers an alternative learning environment for autistic children who are more comfortable following their own methods, where they can more comfortably explore new things and be exposed to new learning opportunities. Through outdoor learning children get a chance to see the things real and live unlike the pictures and models what they commonly see in classrooms.

Children with ASD when exposed to outdoor natural environments can have both physiological and psychological benefits, including attention restoration, energy arousal, emotional restoration, increasing family interaction.

Outdoor learning can make our children happier, healthier, well-rounded students and also provides a new setting to take on challenges, and learn life skills without even realizing it and allows them to be practical, responsible and productive members of the community.
Children will explore with natural colors of our earth for construction and role play. It shouldn’t just be a case of taking the indoors out – think about what is special about the outside and capitalize on that.

Could the outdoor learning activities also help children with autism?

Yes, definitely. Outdoor learning activities provide children to more interactive with their peers, parents or other people, improving their ability of communication, lead them to share what they learn with others, encourages positive attitudes toward they observed.

In addition, children can gain pleasant experiences and visual experience by outdoor activities. These activities can help children remain calm, following rules and interacting with other children.

Few examples of Activities that we include for outdoor learning are

  • Hide and Go Seek
  • Cloud Watching
  • Gardening
  • Trip To The Water-Park
  • Treasure Hunt Time
  • Trip to zoo
  • Shopping
  • Attending a function