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Speech Therapy

Speech , Language and social communication troubles seen in autism
Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) is a developmental disability which can be mild to severe and have social, communication and language problems. They might show restricted and repetitive behavior, interests or activities, such as flipping objects, echolalia, excessive smelling or touching of objects.. All children with autism don't have the exact same issues. Children with autism may have the following charecters:

Social Skills
Autistics may have problems using social skills to interact with people around them. They may seem to be in their own world. They might have trouble in
• Sharing a common focus with another person about the same object as joint attention
• Playing with others and sharing toys
• Understanding others feelings
• Making and keeping friends

Communication Skills
Children may have trouble with communication skills like understanding and using spoken language, moreover , using this language to interact with others. Sometimes, they might lose words or other skills that they acquired before. They may have problems
• Understanding and using gestures, like pointing, waving, or showing objects
• Comprehending and following directions
• Understanding and using words
• Having conversations in various situations
• They may read early but without understanding the meaning - hyperlexia
• Repeat words just heard or words heard days or weeks earlier-called echolalia
• Talk with little expression
• Use tantrums to express you want they want and not

Common Behaviors
A child with autism may exhibit the following
• Have trouble shifting from an activity to the next
• Flapping hands, rocking, spinning or giving vacant stares
• Get upset by certain sounds
• Like only selective foods
• Have limited and unusual interests(eg: likes only a particular toy)

How can a SLP help autistics
A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will help an autistic child in building a communication mode( verbal or non verbal). SLPs work on also building up their social communication. Speech Language Pathologist helps children to
• Improve pre linguistic skills
• Managing the repetitive and stereotypic behaviors
• Build peer group(social) interaction
• Build vocabulary and length of utterance
• Communicate their needs
• Follow commands
• Ask and answer questions
• Take turns in a conversation
• Start or stop a conversation
• Train them for schooling

An SLP may use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) which can be tailored according to each child’s need and can be used by the child in all the situations and not just in the therapy session. AAC includes any of the following or a pairing of any kind with written word.
• Gestures
• Pictures, photos, objects, or videos
• Written words
• Computer, tablets, or other electronic devices
Many children with autism(verbal and non verbal) benefit from AAC. An AAC should not stop them from talking but rather encourage them to talk.

Children with autism may bother the way foods look, taste, or smell. They may not be able to tolerate certain types of food in their mouth. Your child may
• Refuse to try new food
• Avoid foods having certain textures, colours or tastes

An SLP can help your child to
• Accept new foods
• Build tolerance to different textures, colours or taste of food