Autism Spectrum Disorder's

Every child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise

How are therapy sessions developed ?

When a child is referred to Bethesda Center for Autism Treatment for ABA services, we will send a licensed evaluator to conduct a Milestone Assessment. The assessment will go through each milestone level and identify any deficits (e.g. social skill milestones: some children will be able to play with other children, but only talk to other children about their own interests, leaving the other child no reason to participate in the relationship). In this scenario, this child will be taught that it is important to also speak to other children about their interests as well, to improve the chances of a natural relationship forming. This is taught with the use of modeling, role-playing, social games and stories, as well as incidental and generalization training.

Based on the Milestone Assessment results, a licensed psychologist will develop programs for the child to begin therapy. Therefore, every child’s programming is individualized, based upon their specific needs. Some children may need assistance with language and communication skills, others may need assistance staying on task to complete their homework; our trained staff will prioritize program goals and work with your child to address every behavioral need.