About Us

Bethesda Autism Centre is a nonprofit organization for Autism Spectrum Disorder's education, support, and solutions with a mission to provide the opportunity for everyone living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other associated disorders to achieve their fullest potential, by enriching the Autism Spectrum Disorder's community with education, training, accessible resources, and partnerships with local and national projects.

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our mission

To improve life outcomes for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing and facilitating the...

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Support a Child

Support us to make their lives more happy and meaningful

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Our Services

Our Services are introduced delicately to ensure that the child is comfortable with achieving ...

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Director's Message

Mariyam Riyal

Biblically ‘BETHESDA’ means House of mercy which is referred in the Gospel of John where Jesus Christ healed a man who was bed ridden for 38 years. For us ‘Bethesda‘ is the helping hand that Jesus Christ offered to that bedridden man, “Take up your bed and walk” Since we believe in the ultimate house of Mercy.

Eight years before, the colour of our life faded on realising that our little Mick is autistic. We give him the best treatment, but slowly we realised that what he need is not a treatment but A Priority…., A Helping Hand…... ultimately An Acceptance. We made our mind to break up all the developmental and societal milestones of a growing child for our Mick. This understanding was the turning point in our life and there born our next child ‘BETHESDA’.

On establishing BETHESDA we want to give a helping hand to the parents of autistic children like Jesus Christ did to that bedridden man. We want to wash away all the prejudices about autism just like Jesus Christ did about that miracle water. We want to appeal on behalf of all autistic children that please don’t alienate us from the society we too are blessed. We want to make the world accept an autistic child.

“Stands out like a rainbow but are beautiful” All they need from us is the understanding that they feel, see hear and understand things differently and that they want us to enter their world.

Today “BETHESDA” gives ample supports to both the autistic children and their parents. We can run this institution partly from the profit of our own establishment “VISMAYA SILKS” and partly with the help of the parents.

Our Ultimate vision is to make the world realise that autism did not stop Einstein, Mozart or Newton from reaching the stars. For children with autism we focus on creating an opportunity to communicate, socialize and bring out the best of their talents. For the parents we focus on making then accepting that their child is different , but not less and for that “we teach the way they learn “